5 Signs its time to rebrand

Picture this, you have a great idea for a business, you start putting everything together – legal, business plan and product; you’re excited to finally get your business up and running; and the printer asks you for a logo for business cards… you hadn’t thought about that yet, so you tell the printer to just design something quick and simple that will work. Fast forward 3 years, your business has grown and is out-performing your expectations – the only problem is, every time you hand out a business card or refer people to your website or social media you cringe. Your brand just doesn’t reflect what your company stands for or how far you’ve come.

Marty Neumeier, said it best: “Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.” A brand is how you are perceived by your people – your employees, customers, clients and community. Your brand should be one of your biggest assets – keeping employees unified and motivated – and turning customers into brand evangelists. So if your brand is out there, giving people the wrong idea about you and your business, then it’s probably time to consider rebranding.

We’ve been trusted with the opportunity to rebrand many companies and organisations over the years and, from our experiences, we put together 5 signs that tell you its time to rebrand your business.

1. You offer more products & services

When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 – it was ‘the earth’s biggest bookstore’ – but over time it has become a titan of e-commerce – selling everything and anything online – and its identity had to adapt to match its growth. In the same way, many businesses that have expanded beyond their initial product/service offerings often times find themselves trapped in a brand identity that doesn’t represent who they have become.

Café Jade started as a café with a limited menu – and over time had expanded as a bistro and sought-after event caterer. They approached us when they were building their flagship restaurant space and needed an identity that went beyond the ‘café’.

Cafe Jade old logo

Café Jade's previous logo
Cafe Jade logo

Our rebrand for Café Jade

Similarly, School Store NG (SSNG) was founded in 2006 as a book retail store and had expanded to be the foremost education resource provider in the country. When we designed their new logo, we freed SSNG from its literal and metaphorical book cage – and also created a dynamic logo system that could be used to translate the broad range of products and services the company now offers.

School Store NG’s previous logo

School Store NG's previous logo
Our rebrand for School Store NG

Our rebrand for School Store NG

2. You need to speak to a different / wider audience

Sometimes, a business is founded with just one use-case or customer-base in mind; but as the founder and business mature – they find themselves speaking to a wider audience that they didn’t think about when the company was founded.

When we were approached by Career Concierge, a boutique career consulting service, to redesign their brand identity, their logo was more of a reflection of their founder than their audience. The pink gradients and cursive font felt a little too bespoke – speaking mostly to female millennials.

Career Concierge’s previous Logo

Career Concierge's previous logo

Career Concierge has since grown to attract more clients, and in doing so, found that their brand needed to speak to all kinds of young people taking the next step in their careers. The brand needed to open up – without losing its personal touch. We refined the logo to be cleaner and more unisex; maintaining pink as a legacy colour but embracing other colours, to open up the brand and give it a more approachable identity.

Career Concierge Brand Identity_designed by aseda
Our rebrand for Career Concierge. See the full project here

3. Your brand doesn’t work across print / digital / space

In this day and age, it just isn’t enough for your logo to work as a static image on your business card and letterhead. A brand needs to live, breathe and adapt across mediums – from your business card, to your social media presence, to your website and your in-person experience (product or space).

In creating the brand identity for Rubik Spaces, a real estate development company specialising in container spaces, it was important for us to create a logo system that could function for any development the company created. The logo we designed functions as a frame to house all their development projects. It is also distinct enough to be used without the company name and still be recognised.

Rubik Spaces Identity Frame

Functional logo for Rubik Spaces. See the full project here

When we designed the brand identity for Café Jade, we designed an identity that could translate across their physical space and other brand touch points such as their takeaway packing and staff uniforms.

cafejade_mock up
Cafe Jade uniform
Cafe Jade space logo
Cafe jade Menu Logo

Our rebrand for Café Jade

4. Times have changed

The world has opened up, and competition is global. These days a brand needs to be represented at a certain standard to engage and maintain trust. It is now more important than ever for brands to present a clean and consistent image.

We were approached by the Nigerian National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC) to design an identity for Seed Connect Africa, an annual conference to bring key stakeholders across the world together to discuss and collaborate. For their 4th edition, the NASC wanted the conference to have a clean, clear and consistent brand identity.

seed-connect- Africa banner

Previous brand identity for Seed Connect Africa
SC_Logo 1
Seed Connect Africa ID
Seed Connect Africa_Tote Bag

Our rebrand for Seed Connect Africa

The rebranding presented an opportunity to also create a distinct and consistent brand voice that articulated the hope and opportunities surrounding the conference. We crafted the brand voice around ‘one seed’ – and the potential it holds.

Seed Connect Africa Posters

Our rebrand for Seed Connect Africa

5. You’re all over the place

Sometimes your logo is pink, other times it has a coral tint to it, on social media it takes on all the colours of the rainbow – and you look like you just don’t have your brand together.

In designing brand identities, we make it a priority to produce high-quality, detailed brand guidelines that break down a brand from your mission, vision and tagline, to all the alternatives of your logo, the exact colour codes for your brand, the fonts and visual assets you use. We go above and beyond to provide social media guidelines and address the tone of voice your brand should speak in.

SSNG Instagram old
A sample of School Store NG's social media prior to their rebranding.
SSNG_Instagram Rebrand

Our social media rebrand for School Store NG

Our goal is that anyone using your brand guidelines should be able to manage your social media, print your merchandise and represent your brand with ease.

Career Concierge Brand Identity_designed by aseda

Brand Guidelines for Career Concierge

If you’ve been thinking about rebranding, we’d love to speak with you about how we can help! You can reach out to us here.