Making Luxury Accessible

Crafting a brand identity for a rooftop bar and restaurant offering a premium experience, accessible to all.

Atmosphere Restaurant Bar
Atmosphère is a new rooftop bar and restaurant opened on the roof of a mall in Lagos. It boasts the longest bar in Lagos and an enviable menu created and delivered by a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef.
Despite its well-designed interiors and highly curated menu, the founders of Atmosphère wanted to keep the experience affordable and open to all; a space for celebrating with friends on Saturday and brunching with the family on Sunday. They asked us to create an identity that reflected their dedication to quality and desire to be accessible.
We were inspired by analogous situations where luxury and accessibility needed to go hand-in-hand. Delving into a world of secret societies as well as the history behind speakeasies – often seen as the prohibition’s worst kept secret – we developed the brand concept around the idea of access.


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Balancing luxury and accessibility.

We were inspired by the way speakeasies thrived in early 20th century America through a system of ill-kept secret passwords, and designed the Atmosphère logo and brand system to communicate a feeling of access to a well-curated and quality experience.
The logo is inspired by the symbol of universal access – the key. We focused on the intricate and ornate bow designs of skeleton keys and created contrast by setting the logo in a simple every-man, sans-serif font to trike the balance between intricate and accessible.
In designing the menu, we drew our colour palette from the greens, wickers and oaks that dictate the restaurant/bar’s interior design.
The use of off-white, monospace typeface and chosen illustration style are influenced by vintage newspaper advertisements; particularly those used for alcohol during the prohibition era.
A_takeaway bags_square copy
The Atmosphère brand was a challenge to translate quality and craftsmanship through brand, space and experience; while ensuring that the brand felt open and accessible. We delivered floral illustration to support the brand across staff wear, take away bags, dining experience and social media.
atmosphere_social media design