Canterbury International School

A city set on a hill

Rebranding for Canterbury International School, a primary and secondary school founded in 2003 with a mission to impact lives by raising children on the solid foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.

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Canterbury International School (CIS) started small, as a creche, kindergarten and primary school in 2003. Its founder was clear in her vision to impact lives for God, one child at a time. Through the years, CIS experienced tremendous growth and established a secondary school in 2006. As the school grew, the primary and secondary schools developed separate identities. CIS approached us to develop a brand that reflected its faith-based values and a system that united both its junior and senior schools, while allowing one to feel like a mature step up from the other. We crafted a system around a monochromatic colour palette; doubling down on the historical school colour – red – we used brighter reds for the primary school and a more mature maroon for the secondary school.

Canterbury International School


What we did
Brand strategy
Brand identity

Uniting a junior and secondary school with two distinct brand identities; and creating a functional and adaptable brand system.

From our client
“We knew we needed a new brand, but aseda gave us way more than that! They united our two school identities and provided a beautiful and functional solution that fit our needs.” – Olamide Olaitan, Head of School


We redesigned the school crest around the concept of a ‘City Set on Hill’, from Jesus’ sermon on a mount. In this sermon, Jesus charged His followers to shine bright, as the light of the world, as a city set on a hill cannot be hidden. We found this to be a beautiful way to capture Canterbury’s mission to develop children that are bold, bright, unique, unashamed leaders; full of integrity; that stand out with Jesus as their foundation.

Canterbury Logo Redesign

We evolved the dove and books from the existing crest, as they still embodied two foundational characteristics of the school: the dove being biblically representative of the Holy Spirit and the books representing a strong focus on academic excellence.


It was important for the school crest to be responsive and adaptable, as it is used accross multiple touchpoints, from notebooks, uniforms, on the schools website & social media.

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“Being a school we also have endless applications that require branding. aseda designed our new prospectus and gave us an extremely flexible brand system for use across uniforms, books and signs.”
– Olamide Olaitan – Karunwi, Head of School, CIS

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