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Rebranding for a boutique career consulting service that offers support to young professionals looking to take the next step in their career journeys.

Career Concierge Branding by Aseda_Business Cards
Career Concierge approached us to refresh their brand identity. Founded out of a natural passion for helping people, Career Concierge believes in the power of partnership to bring people closer to their dreams.
We crafted an identity that stands out in the crowd of ‘assembly-line’ career services – and reflects their commitment to trust and personal connection.

Career Concierge

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Repositioning Career Concierge as a career service that values personal connections.

From our client
Working with aseda was literally a dream come true. After struggling with our brand identify for years, they helped us turn our vision for our company into reality. – Diepiriye Anga, C.E.O. Career Concierge

Career Concierge Brand Identity_logo centre aligned
Career Concierge Brand Identity_designed by aseda
We designed two sets of patterns that allow the brand to be functional and vibrant at the same time.
Career Concierge Brand Identity_designed by aseda
Career changes can be daunting, and a career consultant often meets people at their most vulnerable, so it was important for the brand to feel approachable. The brand colours and fonts were selected as modern takes on the primary colours and serifs traditionally associated with education.
Career Concierge Brand Identity_logo
The logo mark and logo type were created from geometric shapes and refined to achieve perfect balance.
Career Concierge Brand Identity_designed by aseda_website design by Heyleke
Website development by HeyLeke
Career Concierge Brand Identity_designed by aseda_Social Media
“…Now we have a brand that is truly reflective of who we are and showcases us as experienced but approachable service providers that love helping our clients achieve their dreams!”
– Diepiriye Anga, C.E.O. Career Concierge