Barbing as art

Brand identity for a mobile barbing start-up with a mission to embrace the art of the cut and shake up the traditional salon set up.

[mane]_brand identity_cutting image
In the world of uber, jumia and mobile money, the modern Nigerian has become accustomed to convenience; so why should the barbing experience be any different? [mane] sought to combine a passion for the skill art of barbing with the modern convenience of mobility and access by introducing their mobile barbing platform.
We were approached by [mane] to craft a brand identity that communicated their love for the cut; a brand that built trust and had the potential to scale in product and educational mediums in future.


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What we did
Art Direction
Brand identity

Introducing the disruptive concept of mobile barbing and transferring the natural trust between a client and his/her barber- to trust in the [mane] brand.

[mane] tagline
[mane] needed to launch in a way that immediately connected with its customers and established it as a brand people could trust for their cuts. We directed and produced two ad campaigns for [mane]’s launch. It was important to express the story of the on-the-go cut so we followed the founder; capturing the whole journey from car door to edge up.

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[mane]_brand identity_stationary design
We chose to shoot in black and white to further emphasise the voice and quality of the brand and to really drive home the simplicity and ease of the process.

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[mane] apron 2[mane]_brand identity_Apron
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[mane]_brand identity_ Notebook Mockup
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