Rubik Spaces

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Brand identity and editorial design for a real estate development company specialising in prefabricated container housing and commercial property.

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Rubik Spaces are providers of pre- fabricated spaces, thoughtfully designed for the new Nigerian. Their mission is to challenge traditional thinking around living by delivering affordable container space solutions and investments opportunities to Nigerians. With this in mind, we designed an identity system that felt modern, accessible and full of potential. The brand taps into the endless possibilities available with pre-fabricated container living systems and speaks to a generation of new Nigerians that need more flexible spaces.

Rubik Spaces

Real Estate

What we did
Brand identity
Brand guidelines
Editorial design

Creating a unique and flexible identity system that reflects the company’s mission to revolutionise real estate, and could adapt to work accross the range of container development products the company would offer.

From our client
“Very professional staff and with a seamless process, aseda has been a pleasure to work with.” – Samuel Caulcrick, Founder/C.E.O.

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We designed a logo that represents the meeting of function and beauty; creating an R using minimal structural changes to a square box. The logo also mimics the simple wall / door / floor architectural plans of a square contained space. In smaller spaces, the logo can be used as an icon without the Rubik Spaces wordmark.
Rubik Spaces Icon
Rubik Spaces Identity Frame
It was important for the logo to be functional – to speak to the core values of the brand. The logo creates an adaptable frame that allows the Rubik Space brand to be instantly recognisable across its developments – without overpowering the unique identity of each space.
Alcoves_ Rubik spaces brochure
Alcoves_ Rubik spaces brochure
Alcoves_ Rubik spaces brochureAlcoves_ Rubik spaces brochure
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