Timeless Style

Brand identity for a luxury bridal and occasion wear stylist, offering consultation, sourcing and styling for those occasions that matter.

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Many women experience the stress associated with finding the perfect outfit for a big day. There is an unspoken pressure to look your best, to feel comfortable, be unique and yet timeless. SO/Style was birthed out of the founder’s own first hand experience finding the perfect pieces for her wedding. We were approached to craft an identity for SO/Style that expressed the founder’s bespoke system for finding those pieces that best express and enhance personal style. The brand needed to reflect the founder’s passion to help women discover and express their identities at those occasions that matter to them the most.



What we did
Brand identity

Creating an understated yet memorable brand identity that felt timeless and also full of personality.

From our client
“I was absolutely fascinated and impressed by aseda’s ability to develop a small idea into a full fledged brand. They completely immersed themselves into the brand and produced excellent work combining creativity with functionality.” – Salewa Osakwe, Founder/C.E.O.

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“I got excited about my brand after aseda brought it to life. Loved, loved working with aseda!”
– Salewa Osakwe, Founder / C.E.O. SO/Style
We designed a price proposal document for SO/Style that introduced the brand and clearly communicated the style packages available for their clients.
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